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Feedback and comments from some of Angela's clients, all of whom remain anonymous to protect their privacy.

"Angela, I just wanted to say thank you so much!  I haven't had any stomach ache at all since our session - and I have most definitely had stress to deal with!"

"The sessions with Angela made me see where I've been going wrong for years.  Now I won't be making the same mistakes again.  I'm now more happy-go-lucky and have noticed a real change in my confidence."

"I felt very safe and comfortable with Angela."

"The emotional and mental disturbances in my life have made me feel very uncomfortable and have affected my life severely.  I have tried many treatments.  For me, Hypnotherapy with Angela has been effective and lasting. She has taken me on many journeys to explore the past, to confront situations and to root out aches and pains in the body......  At last, I am at ease with myself."

"I was completely unaware of how in control I could be of my own mind until I experienced hypnotherapy."

"Going from being in a position where I had stomach ache every day, to nothing at all, has been a gift.  I have been listening to the DVD and I feel so much more confident than I was.  One thing's for sure, I couldn't have done this on my own, so thank you!"

"I was sceptical beforehand, but amazed at how effective it was."

"Angela is clearly a skilled professional who has retained the client-centred touch.  I was particularly impressed by her respectful empathy and calm, reassuring approach.  I've felt more relaxed and have been sleeping better, which has given me the stamina and confidence to face challenges." 

"Hypnotherapy with Angela has moved me forward to becoming a more positive, confident person."

"I felt at ease very quickly.  I found you very easy to relate to and very easy to open up to.  I was slightly sceptical but as the hypnotherapy session progressed, it became very easy to entrust myself to you." 

"It was a very comfortable atmosphere.  Angela was very understanding of my feelings.  I had no fears and was able to express myself without feeling daft."

"Angela used a variety of different techniques to help me overcome my anxiety.  She is very caring, incredibly attentive and committed."

"After years of enjoying family holidays abroad, I suddenly became terrified of flying for no apparent reason.  I turned to Hypnotherapy as this fear was affecting my life.  During the sessions I felt very relaxed and comfortable as Angela explained everything very clearly and calmly.  The sessions gave me the confidence I needed to book a holiday and even though we had a 6 hour delay, I wasn't terrified like last time. I now feel much more positive about flying and would definitely recommend Hypnotherapy to anyone with a similar fear."  

"I have a very strong sense of willpower to stop smoking."

"It felt good to get rid of the built-up emotion."

"I was depressed and arguing with myself in my mind.  My eating habits were erratic and my confidence was low.  I'd heard of hypnotherapy and was not sure if it was what I needed. However, from the first session with Angela, I was able to put my feelings into perspective and was guided through my emotions very well.  I have since used the techniques that Angela suggested and I no longer blame myself for other people's actions. I now have a good social life and my weight is slowly shifting." 

"You made me feel at ease and explained everything very clearly."

"I was surprised at how hypnosis revealed the reason why I smoke."

"I have felt a lot stronger."              

"My skin has improved already."

"Hypnotherapy with Angela has given me a more positive attitude with regards to daily life."

"I am so grateful that I now have the time to do more things."

"I feel more confident."                   

"I quite simply choose not to smoke."

"I would recommend her services to anyone wanting help."