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Today, many of our children and teenagers are put under increasing pressure to 'do' and 'be' more - more schoolwork, better exam results, more activities, more academic success, competing with peers.  Being under this 'pressure to perform' often results in stresses which our children are not always equipped to deal with, including exam stress, feelings of failure, feeling excluded, lonely, not good enough, weird or different.

Children and young adults can benefit greatly from hypnotherapy.  However,  the techniques used need to be appropriate for these age groups.  The stresses of everyday life - especially those within the school, college or university environment  - can be alleviated and new patterns of thinking and behaviour can be adopted.  The sense of empowerment that children and young people can achieve for themselves and their lives can be truly amazing .

Angela has worked successfully with children and young people of all ages and - as a parent herself - understands how difficult it can be for parents to see their child experiencing unhappiness or stress.  Please do get in touch for a confidential chat to discuss how  your child may benefit from hypnotherapy.

Angela holds a current Enhanced CRB check.

NB - Parental consent is required for anyone under the age of 18.


"We both found Angela very, very approachable; she tuned into my daughter's feelings and was very sensitive in working with her and gaining her confidence.  My daughter, aged 8, enjoyed listening to the therapeutic stories and Angela gave us CDs to use at home."

"We only have positive things to say about the change it has made to my daughter's general well-being.  She is so much happier and less anxious.  Thanks so much!"

Fear of Exams

J, age 16, suffered enormous anxiety and often physical sickness in the run up to school exams. This disrupted everything and she couldn't focus on the exam itself because she was so nervous about being in the exam hall and having to sit for a long period of time.  J. had just one session with Angela and said she felt very relaxed, calm and comfortable throughout.  "Afterwards, I felt assured that I could conquer my anxieties and I felt a general surge of confidence."

Since the session with Angela, I've been so calm, not worrying about anything but the work itself.  "The session helped me generally at school as I am more relaxed and ready to give everything my best attempt."  J.'s family also noticed an enormous difference.  "I just feel much happier in myself.  I would recommend this treatment to anyone with a persistent fear or anxiety.  I suggest you have an open mind and try it - I did and I have no regrets!"

Sceptical 14-yr old Teenager

"I wasn't keen on the idea of hypnotherapy at first, didn't think it would work, but went in positive about it. It wasn't like what you think hypnosis is.  Solved all my problems in just an hour or so and made a huge impact on what my life is now.  It allowed me to relax.  I would recommend it to anyone, whatever the problem."

Depression, Relationships & College Work

C. was suffering from paranoia, mental episodes, meltdown and depression. She felt she was struggling with relationships, college work and family. She'd already undergone many counselling sessions and had seen a psychiatrist.

After one session, C. said she felt a lot better, more able to cope, more normal. She'd been more chatty and more positive about things, felt more comfortable talking to people and was now being more 'herself'.

After just two sessions, C. reported that she felt more self-aware, had gained more confidence and become more positive. She feels so much stronger and supported and the positive effects she achieved in the sessions, she'll be able to carry forward in her life more effectively. She also will be able to use the skills and tools she's gained and expects to feel more secure about herself, able to cope and feeling peaceful.

Commenting on the sessions, C. says they are far more powerful and concentrated than counselling. “It's not like counselling; it gets straight to the point. You find out stuff about yourself that you didn't know and this lets you get straight to the issue, helping you to understand yourself even better, in a way that's comfortable for you.”

“You're in control of what you do and feel. You can therefore deal with it in your own way and get rid of issues in your own way.  I've also found the Relaxation CD extremely helpful to use at home and listen to it often. "

C. believes these sessions will appeal to teenagers and young people who have issues but don't like the idea of counselling.  She says they make it easier to deal with the issues and to reflect on yourself and help you to:-

  • Focus more
  • Be calmer
  • Be more in control

Struggling with school, excluded by friends, lonely

R, age 13, was falling behind with school work, would panic as a result and was being excluded by her group of friends and so felt extremely lonely.  "Working with Angela has helped me a lot.  It's stopped me from struggling.  Now I can get on with people a lot better and I can think straight, rather than having other things on my mind - both at home and at school."

How would R describe the kind of work she did with Angela? "There's nothing to be worried about;  it's a kind of confidence and support build-up - it's helped me to speak more and communicate better with friends, family and people in general. It's confidential, no-one else knows what you discuss - and I would definitely recommend this to anyone else who needs some help - a special kind of support which has built me up and helped quite a bit.  Thank you for everything, Angela."